Pamphlets by Richard Francis Burton

1858.  A coasting voyage from Mombasa to the Pangani River : visit to Sultan Kimwere ; and progress of the expedition into the interior
London : John Murray, 1858

1860. The Lake Regions of Central Equatorial Africa.  London: William Clowes and sons.

1863. A Day amongst the Fans.

1863.  An account of an exploration of the Elephant Mountain in western equatorial Africa.  London: John Murray, 1863

1864.  Consul Burton's Ascent of the Congo River, in September, 1863. Foreign Office.

1871.  Proverbia Communia Syriaca. London: Trubner & Co.

1872. The Ukara or Ukerewe Lake. A Deduction from the Rev. Dr. Wakefield's 'Routes.'  Bungay, John Childs and son.  8 (210 x 138mm).

1872.  The Revival of Christianity in Syria. [pseud P.] Charing Cross: Edward Stanford.  Reproduced in Inner Life as if by Isabel Burton, and in Life attributed to Burton himself.

1873.  Supplementary papers to the Mwata Cazembe. Trieste, 17 July 1873. Pp, xliii.

1874.  Notes on the Castellieri or prehistoric ruins of the Istrian peninsula.  Trieste.

1875.  The long wall of Salona and the ruined cities of Pharia and Gelsa di Lesina.  [2] leaves of plates (1 fold.) : ill. ; 22 cm.

1875.  The port of Trieste : ancient and modern.  London : Published for the Society of Arts by George Bell and sons.

1876? The Volcanic Eruptions of Iceland in 1874 and 1875

1879.  Canto iii, stanzas 118-35 of The Lusiads

1880.  The Partition of Turkey.

1880.  Itineraries of the second khedivial expedition : memoir explaining the new map of Midian made by the Egyptian staff-officers.  William Clowes and sons.

1880.  A Visit to Lissa and Pelagosa.  London : William Clowes and Sons.

1881.  The Thermae of Monfalcone.

1881.  How to Deal with the Slave Scandal in Egypt.

1882.  Lord Beaconsfield: a Sketch.

1882.  The Ogham-Runes and El-Mushajjar: a Study.

1888.  Three Months at Abbazia. (no publisher stated).