The Book of Burtoniana.

Lady Jane Digby to Isabel Burton.

Abeokutan scene sketched by Burton.

(Also in print now, Stone Talk, The Lake Regions of Central Equatorial Africa and Falconry in the Valley of the Indus. These have long been unavailable in a high-quality edition. Both have numerous illustrations, and the latter has many additional maps. See also the collection of Burton's Early Papers: 1846-1856 which contains some new discoveries and rare facsimiles).

Letters and Memoirs of Sir Richard Francis Burton.

Edited by Gavan Tredoux.

Second edition. Published in three consolidated printed volumes by, December 2023. Available from Amazon in hardcover (the colour, recommended version) or budget softcover.

The first comprehensive collection of correspondence by Sir Richard Francis Burton, together with reminiscences by his contemporaries, arranged together in chronological order, making up roughly 800 items. Detailed annotations throughout clarify references. A Register provides biographical information about the principal players, while a detailed Chronology provides an overview of Burton's career. Many rare illustrations and plates are included.

Correspondents include John Hanning Speke, Christopher Palmer Rigby, Isabel Burton, Monckton Milnes (Lord Houghton), General Charles 'Chinese' Gordon, Henry Anthony Murray, Sir George Back, Charles Montagu Doughty, John Payne, Leonard Smithers, Joseph Netterville Burton, Captain Walter Scott, Algernon Swinburne, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Henry Wylde, Frank Wilson, Ouida, Lynn Linton, Dr. Norton Shaw, Albert Tootal, William Robertson Smith, Colonel John Studholme Hodgson, Frederick Hankey, Gerald Massey, Henry Walter Bates, Henry Morton Stanley, General William Beatson, Alexander Wheelock Thayer, Verney Lovett Cameron, Arthur Orton, Francis Galton and many others.

The scope of the collection extends beyond letters directly to and from Burton himself, to include important correspondence mentioning Burton.

Francis Galton, a Lifetime of Exploration is now available in two volumes on Amazon in print format, hardcover and softcover, and kindle. Galton was closely associated with Burton. There is a long chapter on Burton and his troubled friendship with Galton, with a fresh perspective on the Nile controversy. The colour hardback edition is recommended.