The Gulistan or Rose Garden of Sa'di.

Faithfully Translated Into English [by Edward Rehatsek, with notes by Richard Francis Burton]. 

Printed by the Kama Shastra Society for Private Subscribers only.

PDF transcription by the Iran Chamber Society. (Local copy)

Norman Penzer

It was formerly intended by the Society to issue a translation of the "Nigaristan," but Arbuthnot decided to publish it in the New Series of the Oriental Translation Fund, which he had recently revived at the Royal Asiatic Society. The work is still in manuscript, and is the property of the Royal Asiatic Society.

Of the ... works of the Kama Shastra Society, the last two--the "Beharistan" and the "Gulistan"--were translated by Mr. Rehatsek, who was a friend of both Burton and Arbuthnot. He spent nearly all his life in India, and a list of his numerous writings is given in an article by Arbuthnot in the July number of the "Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society" for 1892, entitled The Life and Labours of Mr. Rehatsek" (see p. 592).

Without counting the issues in parts, all the publications of the Kama Shastra Society were bound in full vellum. They all had a gold border on the front cover, with the exception of thfe "Beharistan" and the "Gulistan, which were plain, and they also had gold lettering on the back with a gold line at the top and bottom, with the single exception of the third reprint of the "Kama Sutra." Immediately above the bottom gold line is the date of publication also in gold. The only exceptions to this are the second edition of the "Perfumed Garden"" and the second issue of the "Gulistan," where the date is omitted. ...

1st Issue.

/ The Gulistan / or / Rose Garden of Sa'di / Faithfully Translated Into / English / / Printed by the Kama Shastra Society for Private / Subscribers only / [rule] / Benares /1888 /

Pp. viii + 282.

Bound in full vellum, bevelled edges, with plain blind border on both covers.

Lettering on back in gold.

5 1/8" x 7 1/8".

All edges uncut.

2nd Issue.

This issue was exactly the same as the first issue in every respect, except that it has no date on the back of the cover, as is the usual case with all the other works.