A Plain and Literal Translation of the Arabian Nights' Entertainments, Now Entituled

The Book of The
Thousand Nights and a Night

With Introduction Explanatory Notes on the Manners and Customs of Moslem Men and a Terminal Essay upon the History of the Nights.

Translated and edited by Richard Francis Burton.

First edition of 1885-8 in ten volumes.
Supplemental edition in six volumes bound in seven parts.
Printed by the Burton Club For Private Subscribers Only.

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From the Internet Archive:

Volume  1 PDF.
Volume  2 PDF.
Volume  3 PDF.
Volume  4 PDF.
Volume  5 PDF.
Volume  6 PDF.
Volume  7 PDF.
Volume  8 PDF.
Volume  9 PDF.
Volume 10 PDF.  Terminal essay.

Supplemental Nights (6 volumes bound in 7 parts):

Volume 1 PDF.
Volume 2 PDF.
Volume 3 Part 1 PDF. Part 2 PDF (The Caliph's Night Adventure).
Volume 4 PDF.
Volume 5 PDF.
Volume 6 PDF.

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