The Life of
Sir Richard F. Burton

K. C. M. G., F. R. G. S.

by his wife
Isabel Burton


First edition of 1893 in two volumes.
London: Chapman and Hall.

Volume 1: PDF Page Images.
Volume 2: PDF Page Images.

(courtesy of Microsoft, via the Internet Archive).



Isabel's curious cover designs, in which her Earthly Master R.F.B. reaches down from Heaven, and a faithful companion pines at the grave of its master.

The design on the top left is the Benedictine Cross, in which
NDSMD = Non draco sit mihi dux (May the dragon never be my guide);
CSSML = Crux sacra sit mihi lux (May the Cross be my light);
C | S | P | B = Crux Sanctus Patrus Benedicti (The Cross of the Holy Father Benedict);
and the other letters are from some latin verses: "Vade Retro Satana ..." etc.
(see The Book of Holy Indulgences by Michael Comerford, p. 219).