Richard F. Burton K. C. M. G.:
His Early, Private and Public Life
with an Account of his Travels and Explorations.

by Francis Hitchman.

First Edition of 1887 in two volumes
London: Sampson and Low.

[Some of the early material may have been written by Isabel Burton.  The book is not especially accurate, repeating the Burton family legends uncritically, and offering no fact checking or independent perspective.  Nevertheless, for some material it remains the earliest available source.]

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"Francis Hitchman [?? - 1891]... was best known by his Public Life of the Earl of Beaconsfield, which has reached three editions; but he was also the author of several other works, among them, The Life of Pius IX, The Life of Sir Richard Burton, and Eighteenth Century Studies, and he edited, with copious annotations, Coningsby, and The Runnymede Letters. Mr. Hitch- man was for some time assistant editor of the Standard, and for ten years editor of the Manchester Courier. He was also a contributor to the Quarterly Review and many other periodicals". - The Literary World (28 Feb. 1891): 81.

From A supplement to Allibone's Critical dictionary of English ..., Volume 2 (1891) by John Foster Kirk, Samuel Austin Allibone:

From Eclectic magazine: foreign literature Volume 53 (1891) edited by John Holmes Agnew, Walter Hilliard Bidwell