Bibliography of Shorter Works by Richard Francis Burton

Complete facsimiles of over 200 of Burton's journal and magazine pieces are now available here.  In time all of Burton's known contributions to scholarly journals and newspapers will be made available. As this is an extensive project material will be released as it becomes available. If you can supply a missing item please contact the editor.  For fugitive works, see also the auction catalogues.  See also this list of his pamphlets.

Facsimiles of articles are linked into the bibliography below, which is based on the standard references

The bibliography has been augmented with discoveries listed by Burke Casari in Alan Jutzi ed. In Search of Richard Burton (1993) and A Bibliography of Contributions to Select Indian Newspapers (2005).

Many new finds and corrections by are also included.  So this is currently the most extensive bibliography of Burton's magazine and journal pieces available in any form.

Minor works. (HTML, by date).

Minor Works by Publication. (Excel)