Richard F. Burton

The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

Dedications to the Original Ten Volumes

Dedication to Volume One

Inscribed to the Memory
My Lamented Friend
John Frederick Steinhaeuser,
(Civil Surgeon, Aden)
A Quarter of a Century Ago
Assisted Me in this Translation.

Dedication to Volume Two

To John Payne, Esq.

My Dear Sir,

Allow me thus publicly to express my admiration of your magnum opus, “The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night;” and to offer you my cordial thanks for honouring me with the dedication of that scholar-like and admirable version.

Ever yours sincerely,

Richard F. Burton.

Queen’s College, Oxford,

August 1, 1885.

Dedication to Volume Three

Inscribed to the Memory
A Friend
During A Friendship of Twenty–Six Years
Ever Showed Me The Most
Unwearied Kindness,
Richard Monckton Milnes
Baron Houghton.

Dedication to Volume Four

To Foster Fitzgerald Arbuthnot.

My Dear Arbuthnot,

I have no fear that a friend, whose friendship has lasted nearly a third of a century, will misunderstand my reasons for inscribing his name upon these pages. You have lived long enough in the East and, as your writings show, observantly enough, to detect the pearl which lurks in the kitchen-midden, and to note that its lustre is not dimmed nor its value diminished by its unclean surroundings.

Ever yours sincerely,

Richard F. Burton.

Athenĉum Club, October 1, 1885

Dedication to Volume Five

To Doctor George Bird.

My Dear Bird,

This is not a strictly medical work, although in places treating of subjects which may modestly be called hygienic. I inscribe it to you because your knowledge of Egypt will enable you to appreciate its finer touches; and for another and a yet more cogent reason, namely, that you are one of my best and oldest friends.

Ever yours sincerely,

Richard F. Burton

Athenĉum Club, October 20, 1885.

Dedication to Volume Six

I Inscribe This Volume
To My Old And Valued Correspondent,
I Whose Debt I Am Deep,

Professor Aloys Sprenger
(of Heidelberg),

Arabist, Philosopher and Friend.

Richard F. Burton.

Dedication to Volume Seven

I Inscribe these pages
An Old And Valued Friend,

John W. Larking
(Whilome of Alexandria).

In Whose Hospitable Home (“The Sycamores”) I Made My Final
Preparations For A Pilgrimage To Meccah
and El–Medinah.

R. F. Burton

Dedication to Volume Eight

A Message to
Frederick Hankey,
formerly of No. 2, Rue Laffitte, Paris.

My Dear Fred,

If there be such a thing as “continuation,” you will see these lines in the far Spirit-land and you will find that your old friend has not forgotten you and Annie.

Richard F. Burton.

Dedication to Volume Nine

To Alexander Baird of Urie.

My Dear Baird,

I avail my self of a privilege of authorship, not yet utterly obsolete, to place your name at the head of this volume. Your long residence in Egypt and your extensive acquaintance with its “politic,” private and public, make you a thouroughly competent judge of the merits and demerits of this volume; and encourage me to hope that in reading it you will take something of the pleasure I have had in writing it.

Ever yours sincerely,

Richard F. Burton.

Tangier, December 31, 1885.

Dedication to Volume Ten

His Excellency Yacoub Artin Pasha,
Minister of Instruction, Etc. Etc. Etc. Cairo.

My Dear Pasha,

During the last dozen years, since we first met at Cairo, you have done much for Egyptian folk-lore and you can do much more. This volume is inscribed to you with a double purpose; first it is intended as a public expression of gratitude for your friendly assistance; and, secondly, as a memento that the samples which you have given us imply a promise of further gift. With this lively sense of favours to come I subscribe myself

Ever yours friend and fellow worker,

Richard F. Burton

London, July 12, 1886.

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